Starwood Energy™ specializes in energy infrastructure investments, with a focus on power generation, transmission, storage, and related projects. Through Starwood Energy Infrastructure Fund, including successor funds and affiliated investment vehicles, Starwood Energy™ has raised in excess of $3 billion of equity capital and has executed transactions totaling more than $8 billion in enterprise value, inclusive of $2 billion in enterprise value related to the development and construction of renewable assets such as wind farms, solar farms and biomass power plants. The Starwood Energy™ team brings extensive development, construction, operations, acquisition and financing expertise to its investments.


Starwood Energy actively pursues attractive, risk-adjusted returns from both opportunistic acquisitions and development of energy infrastructure assets.

Starwood Energy targets investments in hard assets with a promise of strong cash flows. Starwood Energy believes that this approach reduces downside potential, provides financial flexibility and broadens exit alternatives. Starwood Energy also targets greenfield and brownfield development opportunities where it can add value through its development expertise. Starwood Energy is actively pursuing solar, wind and other renewable energy projects in response to the rapidly rising need for green energy in North America.

Starwood Energy seeks to enhance value by pursuing negotiated transactions when possible. To identify such opportunities, Starwood Energy executives leverage long-standing relationships with developers and asset owners. Starwood Energy executives have a demonstrated history of successfully originating transactions through proprietary channels rather than agent-led auctions.

Starwood Energy believes that a clear understanding of regional power markets is key to its investment strategy. By understanding the sources of demand for energy and capacity, the unique aspects of state and federal regulations, and the regional opportunities to address demand, Starwood Energy strives to make targeted value-add investments.

Starwood Energy’s equity investments typically range from $50 million to $200 million or more, the “middle market” that Starwood Energy believes affords more diverse opportunities, negotiated transactions and attractive values.





  • Hudson Transmission Project
    SEIF I Investment, Located in Ridgefield New Jersey

  • Stephens Ranch Wind Project
    SEIF II Investment, Located near south of Lubbock, Texas

  • Berlin Station
    SEIF I Investment, Located in Berlin New Hampshire

  • Hudson Transmission cable
    SEIF I Investment, Located in Ridgefield, New Jersey

  • Stephens Ranch
    SEIF II Investment, Located near south of Lubbock, Texas.

  • Quail Run Energy Center
    SEIF II Investment, Located in Odessa, Texas.